Beenox has done a great job reviving Crash Bandicoot's original PlayStation racing game and mixing it together with content from the 2003 release, Crash Nitro Kart. Following on from last week's launch of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on the Switch and multiple other platforms, the Activision blog has now revealed what's planned for the road ahead.

The first update will roll out on 3rd July and most notably introduces Grand Prix content. This includes the addition of leaderboards in the Grand Prix menu. There's the Nitro Point Online leaderboard and the Championship leaderboard. The track "Twilight Tour" is also being added to two modes and the character Tawna can be unlocked as well. Here's the full rundown:

The Nitro Tour Grand Prix will be going live and you can begin earning Nitro Points and unlocking a variety of bonus customization content by completing challenges found within the Grand Prix menu†.

“Twilight Tour” will be a brand-new track available to Local Arcade and Online modes. The character Tawna will able to be earned through completing Grand Prix challenges and earning Nitro Points. You will also be able to earn additional new items including karts, skins, stickers, decal, and paint jobs!

Note: Tawna and the items described above can only be earned for a limited time by completing Grand Prix challenges while connected to the internet. Once the current Grand Prix season ends, they will no longer be available to earn through Grand Prix challenges until they may appear in the Pit Stop at a later date.

The Pit Stop segment of the game will also be updated with new items. Expect new karts, character, skins, decals, paint jobs, wheels and stickers. Of course, all of this content is redeemable with in-game Wumpa Coins.

When visiting the Pit Stop, you’ll notice that items that were added as part of the Nitro Tour Grand Prix have little Nitro cannisters over their icons. You’ll notice the same thing in the customization menu over the same icons. This small Nitro cannister with a percentage tied to it denotes the extra Nitro Point boost you’ll get whenever completing challenges with these customization options equipped. The percentage increase stacks with each customization item you have equipped. So get collecting, and get stacking!

As a special call-out to some of the new additions, the “Nitro Squad” characters Ami, Megumi, Isabella, and Liz can be redeemed using Wumpa Coins in the Pit Stop and flags from nations around the world will be added as kart stickers.

Last of all is a series of minor changes. Podium animations will be added to online matches, there'll be a "Message of the Day" screen added, adjustments will be made to the Wumpa Coin earn rate and character icons will reflect the skin you have equipped. Apart from these adjustments, this update will improve online stability, rework collisions in certain maps and iron out a few other bugs here and there. All of the villains from Crash Nitro Kart will now be protected by the Velo mask, too.

Are you looking forward to this update? How has your experience with CTR been so far? Tell us below.