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One of the big advantages the Switch has over its rivals is the fact that it uses reasonably robust game cards as the delivery method for its software, rather than delicate and easily-damaged optical media. However, even Switch carts can be abused and misused, and recent spate of faulty games damaging consoles has compelled a Japanese repair outlet to issue a statement.

Asuka Shushindo has produced a YouTube video which warns users to always check the condition of their game cards before inserting them into the Switch console – especially those which have been purchased second-hand or borrowed from a friend.

The company states that it has seen several examples of game cards with broken plastic strips on the rear, as you can see in the image below. These strips are actually made from quite thin plastic, and it probably takes less effort than you think to snap one out of place.

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These strips are supposed to guide the card onto the metal contacts inside the Switch's game card slot, but if misaligned, they can actually cause permanent damage to the console itself. Basically, with the contacts damaged, your Switch won't be able to read game cards at all. You can see an example of damaged contacts in the image below.

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Have you experienced this issue with any of your game cards, or do you know someone else whose Switch has been damaged in this way? Let us know with a comment.

Thanks to David Isaac for the tip.