The Moon

Remember the infamous Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3? Well, it's making a comeback in Super Mario Maker 2. This time, though, it will be joined by its friend: the Moon!

The Moon course part is tied to the various themes within the game. In addition to all of the existing themes from the first Super Mario Maker game on the Wii U, there'll now be desert, snow, forest and sky templates to select from. Using the Moon course part allows you to unlock the "night versions" for each of the themes and if you make contact with the Moon during a playthrough, you'll wipe out all of the enemies on the screen.

When swapping a level to night mode, wild things happen. Expect floating Goombas, dimmed lighting in ghost houses and sandstorms in the desert levels. Items can even transform in the dark, so watch out for rotten mushrooms and poison water! To top it off, veteran Super Mario composer Koji Kondo has recorded new music for these themes.

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