Sonic Mania

Sonic the Hedgehog has struggled to live up to expectations for a long time now. Unlike Nintendo's mascot, Mario, Sonic's adventures haven't always worked out, mostly because of his "gotta go fast" attitude and take on life. Fortunately, this all changed in 2017, when Christian Whitehead was given free run by Sega and reinvigorated the series with Sonic Mania and eventually the DLC add-on Sonic Mania Plus.

Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka didn't take this for granted, either. During an interview with LadBible a few weeks ago, he briefly mentioned how important Mania had been to the Sonic franchise:

"Post-Mania, I feel the character, and the games, have really turned a corner, towards where we want it all to go."

As for the Sonic movie, Iizuka has already clarified Sega is not involved. Iizuka is an adviser, but all this involves is the movie team showing him their work and then asking for feedback. He's also listening to what fans are saying about the upcoming movie and is passing it on:

"It's not a SEGA movie - we're not making it, or anything - and I'm only an advisor, really. But I do get shown things, and the [movie team] ask for my opinion. I'm also listening to what the fans are saying, and I'll feed that back to the director - he, and the producers, are very interested in receiving that feedback. At the end of the day, it's up to the team at Paramount to make something successful, but we're all looking forward to seeing the finished movie."

Between Sonic Mania, the upcoming release Team Sonic Racing and the movie, how do you think Sonic is holding up? Tell us down below.