Cat Mario

When early images and advertisements for Super Mario Maker 2 began surfacing online, it became clear a new game theme had been added. Nintendo's latest presentation for the upcoming release has now confirmed it's based on the Wii U release, Super Mario 3D World. If you already spotted Cat Mario and clear pipes in promotional material, this news shouldn't come as a surprise.

So, what exactly does this new game style include? Well, it's got a lot of unique content, which essentially means your existing design is cleared when you swap over to this theme. Here's a bit more about what to expect, courtesy of the PR:

Cat Mario – Cat Mario can climb walls, scratch, slide and pounce on enemies. Players can even use Cat Mario to climb up the Goal Pole!
Clear Pipe – Clear Pipes can be placed in any shape the player wants, but they have to be careful, as enemies can also slide through them.
Koopa Troopa Car – Hop in this sweet ride and zoom through the course. Players just have to make sure not to crash!
Track Block – The Track Block will follow any path the player draws. The blue one starts moving when the player steps on it.
Piranha Creeper – The Piranha Creeper follows the path that the player draws, extending its dangerous spiky stem around the course.
Who’s Who in Super Mario 3D World?: A cast of other familiar faces will also make appearances in Super Mario Maker 2, so players are in for a treat!

Of course, if you would prefer a different theme, you can always create a course in the style of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U.

Do you like the look of this new game style? Have you got any crazy course ideas already mapped out in your mind? Tell us below.