Virtua Racer Single Player

Virtua Racing has arguably been one of the most anticipated Sega Ages games since it was announced. The title includes 8-player split-screen, online multiplayer and a built-in replay mode not included in the original arcade release.

While there's still no word on a launch date here in the west, the game is now available in Japan for 999 Yen (roughly $9.00 / £7.00). To celebrate this release, Sega's Japanese YouTube channel has uploaded a new gameplay trailer, highlighting all of the above-mentioned features and more. See what all the fuss is about in the video below:

Virtua Racing began as an arcade release in 1992 and was developed by Sega AM2. It is considered to be one of the most influential games of all-time for popularising 3D polygonal graphics.

Will you be downloading this game from the Japanese eShop, or do you plan to hold out until the local release? If you are not sure how to do this, here is our handy guide about how to buy Switch games from the Japanese eShop.