Bandai Namco surprised Switch owners a few days ago by announcing it would be bringing the action hack-and-slash RPG God Eater 3 to the Nintendo Switch. This version of the game will allow up to eight players to battle alongside each other anytime and anywhere thanks to the portable nature of the hybrid device.

In a blog post on the official God Eater 3 website recently, the game’s producer Yuya Tomiyama spoke about how content within the Switch release would be “the same” as the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions. Apart from local co-op multiplayer, there will also be a number of other “special features” to anticipate. Here’s the translation, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

“The contents of the game will be the same as the PS4 and Steam versions. In addition to this, we are adding special features unique to the Switch version, such as local co-op multiplayer.”

The team behind the game also has additional updates planned - with announcements regarding this content to be made in the near future. God Eater 3 for the Nintendo Switch is due out this July.

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