Son Goku IMG

Arc System Works and Bandai Namco are adding another Goku variant to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. This information comes from the latest monthly issue of Japanese manga magazine V-Jump.

This time around, it's a much younger-looking Goku, based on the character from the Dragon Ball GT series. Son Goku (GT) will be added as a playable character via paid DLC and is ready for battle with his special "Super Kamehameha" attack, which transforms him into Super Saiyan 3. He also has various other moves including "Super Spirit Bomb", "Power Pole" and the "Reverse Kamehameha." Check out a scan of the latest V-Jump issue, courtesy of Twitter user Spytrue:

Is this a character you were hoping for? Have you purchased any Dragon Ball FighterZ character DLC? Tell us down below.

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