With the huge lists of new titles on eShop every week, it's sometimes easy for smaller games to slip thought the net as the bigger releases grab our attention. Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted a 16-bit classic that dropped onto Switch yesterday. Yep, James Pond Codename: Robocod is available to download on eShop as we write.

For those of you unfamiliar with the fish's oeuvre, he appeared in a string of games across multiple platforms in the 1990s, including Game Boy and Super Nintendo, and ports have cropped up periodically ever since. Not bad for an anthropomorphic pun!

You can check out the full trailer on Nintendo's website. As we all know, sometimes what seemed 'classic' back in the day can be difficult to go back to. It's probably safe to say that for players who didn't get around to it in the '90s, the title has already delivered more enjoyment than you'll get from the game itself, but nostalgia is a powerful thing - in spite of the £9.99 price tag, it'll take some mighty strong willpower to stop us downloading it for the weekend! From the looks of it, we're not alone, either:

Friday's fish day, you know - will this little fishy be on your little dishy this evening? Drop us a line below.