Top-down pixel art action title Elden: Path of the Forgotten is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2019, it has been confirmed.

Elden: Path of the Forgotten is a medieval cosmic horror game with a focus on "storytelling through nontraditional methods" and environmental storytelling. It has been in development since late 2015 by the one-man team at Onerat Games, being picked up by publisher Another Indie for the Switch release coming later this year.

This handy feature list should give you a little more info:

- Explore a stunning and encapsulating dark world containing assorted, challenging, and narrative layered lands.
- Immerse yourself in epic battles against abhorrent Lovecraftian enemies and bosses.
- Play your style by experimenting with a wide variety of unique weapons and powerful spells.
- Be haunted by a gorgeous and minimalistic soundtrack.

We don't have a specific release date for this one just yet, but we'll keep an eye out for more news as it comes.

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