Gearbox has announced at PAX East that it's bringing a version of 2011's Bulletstorm to Switch 'early' this summer in the guise of Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition.

Essentially a Switch version of the remaster Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition which appeared on PS4, Xbox One and PC back in 2017, developer People Can Fly's first-person shooter originally launched to critical acclaim but failed to meet EA and Epic Games' sales expectations. Gearbox helped original developers create the remastered version for modern consoles and it looks like it'll be with us pretty soon.

The 'summer 2019' date is all we've been told so far, with regards to a release window. All the DLC from the remastered version will be included in the Switch game, and as you can see from the name, that will include the Duke Nukem pack with voice work from Duke's original actor, Jon St. John.

The official release details the excitement of the team to get the game on Switch:

"Since the first reveal, when I saw the capabilities of the latest Nintendo console, I knew that we need to get Bulletstorm working on that thing!" said People Can Fly’s CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski. "The whole team was super pumped up on doing that" he adds.

The game will include the whole single-player experience in addition with all the DLC released. Yes – Duke’s coming too, and he’ll kick some ass and chew bubblegum as expected!

Did you play the original or the remaster? Do you have fond memories of the foul-mouthed Duke on N64? Let us know with a comment.