Following the Taiwanese game rating reveal last week, it has now been officially confirmed that Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle is headed to Nintendo Switch.

The game follows the third season of the Attack on Titan anime adventure, with its story mode playing through selected characters’ points of view with major heroes active in Season 3 (who are playable for the first time). This boosts the total number of playable characters to more than 40.

If you fancy learning more, check out this description provided in a press release today:

"Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will feature two new gameplay experiences: A frenetic anti-personnel combat feature using anti-personnel omni directional mobility gear and an all-new wall reclamation mode focused on recovering outside territories. Here, players will have an ability to choose a leader of their squad, pick out the members they want to include – even members who were never together in the original work, and set out to reclaim the lands from the Titans. Thunder Spears will also be equipped for battle for the first time, allowing the take down of the Armored Titan when a normal blade just won’t cut it."

Final Battle will be made available for digital purchase as an Upgrade Pack to fans who already own Attack on Titan 2, and it will also be available for purchase as a special digital or physical bundle. You'll be able to check out the action for yourself from 5th July.


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