Splatoon 2 IMG

An Xbox One user who goes by the Twitter handle DumbDeadDoodles has allegedly spotted the Splatoon 2 character Marina hidden on a banner within the 'Mixer' section of the Xbox One dashboard.

As crazy as it sounds, other Xbox users posted images of their own dashboards, showing the exact same banner. Take a look at the right side of the below photo, and you'll see what users are identifying as the top part of Marina's head:

Not long after this, the banner supposedly disappeared. We even looked on our own Xbox One system and couldn't see anything ourselves. Deviant Art and Twitter user Jorge_SunSpirit chimed in hours later, claiming the image of Marina was based on the following render:

As there's such little of whatever it is on display, it's hard to say if this is even actually a picture featuring Marina. The Mixer section the banner has apparently appeared on is Microsoft's live streaming platform, designed for all types of video games available on multiple platforms.

Of course, there has been a stack of rumours as of late, linking Microsoft Xbox services to Nintendo, but we're not game to say this is another piece of evidence until we get confirmation.

What do you make of this? Can you see a resemblance to Marina in the above dashboard shots? Tell us below.

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