Super Real Darwin IMG1

If the Nintendo Switch is your system of choice for shoot 'em up games, you'll be glad to hear another retro one is making a comeback. Johnny Turbo - one of gaming's worst mascots - and now the face of Flying Tiger Entertainment's classic line recently hopped on Twitter to tease another old school Data East title coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Presenting the 1987 arcade game, SRD: Super Real Darwin:

If you haven't experienced this game before, it's a follow-up to Data East's 1986 arcade game, Darwin 4078. In the sequel, the player controls a ship which can transform into different shapes and be upgraded with weapons and power-ups. As with all quality shmup, the story is about a hostile force invading a planet.

Right now, there's no word on when exactly this game will arrive on the Switch eShop.

Have you played this title during a previous generation? Do you play many shmup on Switch? Tell us below.