Switch ARGOS

For most video game developers, digital distribution is the most convenient and affordable way to make a game accessible to the masses. The downside here is that the majority of online game stores are now inundated with multiple new releases on a daily basis. It can make finding the game you actually want a real hassle. On the plus side, there's now less shovelware and budget titles available in physical form than ever before. It might not stay this way, though.

Publisher PlayIt will release six low-priced Switch games next month in store. UK retailer Argos reveals each one will come with a game case and download code. Just don't expect a game card, as there isn't one. Each of the games will cost £9.99, or you can pick up two for £14.99. Below is what's on offer:

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen this sort of thing. A number of companies including Nintendo have begun to sell game boxes with codes in them in recent years. What's surprising in this case is how budget game publishers have worked out a way to sell these cheaper titles in store again.

Would you consider adding any of these to your Switch library? Do you already own one of these games in digital form? Tell us below.

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