Dead Or Alive IMG

Despite the fact Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet is not a mainline entry in the DoA series, there’s still admittedly some interest in the upcoming release here in the west because the existing entries have been made available outside of Japan in the past.

For anyone who was looking forward to some fun in the sun on the Switch locally, we're sorry to disappoint you, but it has now been confirmed the third entry will not be released in physical or digital form in Europe and North America. According to NintendoSoup, the game’s Southeast Asia Nintendo distributor - Boeki - has made it official, confirming Scarlet for Switch will not be made available outside of this region and Japan.

Fortunately, for anyone who is still eager to try out the third entry, Koei Tecmo has confirmed the game includes English language support - meaning you'll still be able to import a copy if you really want.

Are you at all surprised this game won’t receive an official release in the west? What are your thoughts about this? Tell us below.

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