Smash Ultimate Mario Party Spirit Img

The new spirit event "Oh Yeah! Mario Time!" for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate begins on 28th December and will run until 1st January. During this period, three Super Mario Party spirits will appear on the spirit board.

The golden dash mushroom - featured in Mario Party, but also known from other titles such as Mario Kart - is a special ace spirit which can be obtained by defeating a powerful Mii Brawler. Apparently, none of the spirits will be available outside of this event. Below is the full description:

A huge collection of characters from the world of Mario are coming to your Spirit Board! Defeat them in battle to earn more gold than usual!

In this event, three spirits will appear for a limited time only: Golden Dash Mushroom, River Survival and Dice Block. They won't be available outside of this event, so don't miss out!

Super Smash Bros Spirit Event Img

Here are the Nintendo Versus tweets about the event:

Have you been playing the spirit mode in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Will you be taking on the Mii Brawler to unlock the golden mushroom spirit? Let us know in the comments.