We all love that feeling of getting our hands on shiny, new gaming accessories, especially when they're as luxurious and expensive as an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. We work all day, every day to earn money to buy them, and we go out of our way to find them online or at our local stores, but some people go beyond the norms and acquire them by other means.

The video below, shared on YouTube, shows the moment when a UPS delivery driver stole a Switch Pro Controller straight out of its packaging. The video shows the thief entering a building, slowly opening up one of the boxes, and then quickly leaving with the product tucked away. Urgh. The video description states that the UPS worker was delivering to a neighbour, clearly not noticing the security camera.

More information on this story has been circulating on Reddit via user octoberthug, who is responsible for sharing the video online. In response to comments on their post, octoberthug confirms that the offence has been reported to both the local police department (in Los Angeles) and UPS. The delivery company has reportedly said that "they'd take care of the situation and that it was a temporary worker" who stole the package.

Here's hoping the issue gets resolved without too much fuss, and that the customer manages to get their hands on a Pro Controller soon!