Police Smash Bros Img

Far and wide, the Super Smash Bros. series is known for bringing friends and family together. The latest entry Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no different. Last Friday, a group of friends - located in Saint Paul, Minnesota - were hosting a small gathering for the new game on Switch when two local police officers showed up in response to a noise complaint from a neighbour.

Jovante M. Williams, who happened to arrive at his friends' apartment at the same time as the police, told Yahoo Lifestyle how the group of friends had recently been playing their games on mute.

"There's been a couple of noise complaints going on, from the same people...Lately, we've been playing our games on mute; we don't want to bother anyone."

When the police realised it was all fun and games, Williams asked them to participate. It turns out the officers knew how to play this particular game very well.

"I’m like, ‘Y’all wanna play Smash?!’ And two of them literally raised their hand and walked up. They’re like, ‘How do you jump?’ They were acting; one of them was playing Pikachu!”

He even posted video evidence on Twitter. Take a look below:

Williams said his friends had been visited on a number of occasions by the police, and the noise levels were always the same. He reiterated how they just wanted to play Smash and were pleasantly surprised by how the two police officers reacted.

“We’re not trouble. We’re adults. Sometimes, we drink beer...It was concerning. You see so many videos of terrible results…I’m not trying to end up in jail or hurt, or have my friends harmed, or to start a commotion. But you know what? I heard the police asking ‘What Smash Brothers?’ Instead of something negative…it was something wholesome.”

In the end, one of the officers confirmed the issue had been handled and no charges were laid.

[source yahoo.com, via twincities.com]