Nintendo Building

In recent months, Nintendo has taken a strong stance against video game piracy worldwide. In an effort to continue the good fight, Nintendo is now taking legal action against a man located in Orange County, California who has allegedly been selling hacked consoles, pirated versions of the company's games and tools to help users modify their own systems - violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Mikel Euskaldunak has reportedly been selling modified services for the Switch, allowing users to play unauthorised games. He's also been selling hacked NES Classic Mini preloaded with 800 pirated titles and selling them above the retail price.

In addition to direct copyright infringement, Nintendo believes Euskaldunak and "countless" other currently unnamed defendants are encouraging users to infringe the company, which also makes them liable for contributory copyright infringement. Adding to this are claims the defendants are infringing and diluting trademarks.

Attorney Kenneth Parker said how defendants were providing users with the instructions and tools to infringe in a manner that was least likely to be caught or arouse suspicion. Nintendo is asking the court to order an injunction, barring defendants from continued distribution and sale of the technology.