Aquiris Game Studio's Horizon Chase Turbo is finally arriving on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 28th November. The developers are dubbing this the ultimate edition of the game, as it includes a timed exclusive mode called 'Playground' that will randomly generate bonus goals as you race. You can be assured that you will get quite a lot of bang for your twenty units of local currency (or more accurately €19,99) since this arcade racer comes juiced from the starting grid with 32 different vehicles and 110 unique circuits. The teaser trailer follows:

If you are having feelings of déjà vu and fondly remembering the Super Nintendo Top Gear trilogy or the Lotus Esprit trilogy on Commodore Amiga, know that this Aquiris-developed game is a spiritual sequel to those franchises. Going one step further, the arpeggio and earworm heavy soundtrack has been produced by none other than the legendary Scottish video game music composer Barry Leitch - who was the original Top Gear composer.

We assume you are wondering about a few certain features, so let us reassure you the game will run at a smooth 60 frames per second and include classic split-screen multiplayer.

Were you a fan of the original Top Gear games on the Super Famicom? Is Barry Leitch one of your favourite chiptune artists of the last century? Will you whistle the game's soundtrack when you're not playing? Race to the comments section below with your answers.

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