In a recent video uploaded from the Metal Gear Solid panel Q&A at Fan Expo Boston 2018, the voice of Snake, David Hayter, said new codecs had not been recorded for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although he did say he would love to do more and has poked Nintendo to record more, he is still excited to see Snake return to the roster in the upcoming game.

I'm probably not supposed to say anything, but they haven't recorded any more codecs yet, and I have offered to Nintendo that I would certainly do that if they wanted to. I would love to that for all of the characters... I would love to do more, and we might. Who knows. But it’s very cool that Snake is going to be in the game. That’s awesome for the fans.

He also is disappointed by the nerf of Snake's butt in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, explaining his hashtag creation #FreeSnakesButt on social media.

There is currently no word on the return of Palutena's Guidance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well. Only time will tell on if these features make a comeback and, if they do, what changes will be seen. Tell us below if you have any ideas for the next "codec" feature in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.