Tozai Games will release R-Type Dimensions for Switch in Japan this winter. The remastered two-in-one shmup package contains the original eight-stage R-Type and the six-stage R-Type II. Dimensions was first released in 2009. 

As can be seen in the trailer above, you'll be able to swap from the classic 2D pixel look to more modern 3D graphics. There is also upgraded sound, co-op (with each player using a single Joy-Con) and a new 'Infinite Mode' where you have unlimited lives. Additional extras include slow motion, the ability to fast forward, run statistics and online leaderboards. We'll be sure to let you know if this game makes its way across to the west. 

R-Type was developed by Irem and originally began life as an arcade game in 1987. You took on the role of a space fighter who had to defend humanity from a powerful alien threat. The arcade sequel followed in 1989 and the games have since been re-released on multiple occasions across many different platforms. 

Take a look at the trailer above and tell us if you're excited about R-Type Dimensions coming to the Switch.