Every year, Forbes publishes new reports looking into which of the world's largest companies are the most reputable among its consumers. These reports collect data from hundreds of thousands of individuals across multiple countries, looking into which companies provide the best services, products, and support with every customer interaction.

Forbes Japan has now published its individual list of the 'top 250 reliable companies' included within its 'Global 2000' - yet another list of the world's largest public companies. Nintendo has managed to snag an 11th place spot worldwide - which is an impressive feat all on its own - but this result also means that the video game giant has been voted as the most reliable company in its home region of Japan, narrowly beating car manufacturer Toyota to that crown.

Here's a list of the worldwide top 12:

  1. Walt Disney (USA)
  2. Hilton (USA)
  3. Ferrari (Italy)
  4. VISA (USA)
  5. Paypal (USA)
  6. Netflix (USA)
  7. Siemens (Germany)
  8. Amazon (USA)
  9. Marriott International (USA)
  10. Mastercard (USA)
  11. Nintendo (Japan)
  12. Toyota (Japan)

As mentioned above, customer surveys usually include questions relating to a company's manufacturing quality, customer service, and quality of services on offer, suggesting that Nintendo is rated very highly in these areas by customers on the whole.

Do you agree that Nintendo offers a great overall service compared to other companies? Are you happy with your purchases and any support you've received? Feel free to share your experiences below.

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