The EGX 2018 announcements are starting to creep their way out of the show floor, with a brand new platformer called Double Pug Switch being revealed for Nintendo's hyrbid platform.

The game is the debut title from The Polygon Loft, and is described as a "challenging platformer" that puts you in control of a mischievous dog with a unique dimension-swapping power. Players must challenge themselves with the game's side-scrolling, alternative dimension-switching mania, with lighting quick reflexes being needed to jump, hop, and dimension-swap your way to victory.

Details are still rather few and far between at the moment, although EGX attendees can go hands-on with the title to see what it's all about. We do have a selection of images to share with you, however, as well as a few game features:

- Manoeuvre the levels with absurd environment powerups
- Multiple worlds and levels to test the players skill
- Competitive local multiplayer (2, 3 and 4 players)
- Customise your pug with endless silly hats!

No release date has been confirmed for the title just yet other than "spring 2019", so you'll have to add this one to your future Switch wishlist for now.

What do you think? Do you like the look of this one? Let us know with a comment below.