Space Mace and Graffiti Games have revealed that Joggernauts will be switching things up on Nintendo's newest platform next month, releasing on Switch on 11th October.

Joggernauts has players switching to the head of a jogging team of alien athletes as they navigate through deceptively difficult colour-coded platforming levels, all while avoiding crashing into obstacles. In order to finish each level and collect all the trophies for victory, teams must work together and time their jumps and switches perfectly.

If playing with others isn't your thing, the game also supports a single-player mode; instead of switching positions with your teammates in a co-op setting (which would usually accept up to four players), you can simultaneously take control of two differently coloured characters and switch between the two yourself.

- A single player mode where players control two characters
- 2-4 player local co-op play
- Unique switch-to-front teleportation mechanic•Color-coded cooperative puzzles
- Arcade autorunner-style action platforming
- 100% completion challenges
- Deceptively difficult level designs (not procedural or endless)

Zachary Johnson, co-founder of Space Mace, has said the following:

“Players succeed or fail as a group, either successfully crossing the finish line, or failing and restarting together. The key is communication and paying attention. Do this well and players can not only finish a level together, or by themselves, but also collect all the trophies to unlock bonus levels.”

The game will be available on 11th October directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99.

Will you be teaming up with some friends for some couch co-op Joggernauts? Let us know below.