Smash Pro

Very recently, we shared the news that a 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller' - to give it its full name - is due for release on the same day as the game's launch on 7th December. If you're interested in getting the controller for yourself, you might be interested in checking out this latest little teaser video.

Uploaded by Nintendo UK, this teaser trailer invites you to "Smash in style" when the controller becomes available later this year. It features some extreme close-ups, showing off the new design very nicely indeed, but features absolutely no sound. Is this controller too epic for music? Are there no pieces of music that could do it justice? We just don't know.

It may only be 15 seconds long, but it does give us a slightly better indication of how the controller will look in the flesh. It appears to have divided opinion, but we have to say that we think it looks very lovely indeed - especially with those white grips.

We couldn't quite get over the strange lack of sound so, in an example of superbly professional journalism, we tasked our very own YouTube star Alex Olney with "fixing" the video. Here's the result.

Do you want to get your hands on this Pro Controller? Let us know whether or not you're a fan of the new design down below.