Nintendo Switch Image

Given the success of the Nintendo Switch right now, it's no surprise it continues to break existing sales records. 

According to Game Data Library, Switch retail game sales in Japan have already smashed lifetime Wii U retail game sales within the country. Compared to the five years it took the Wii U to reach this amount, the Switch hit this milestone in about 18 months. 

Taking into account the combined retail and digital game sales for Wii U in Japan, the total is 15 million. In comparison, the Switch was already at the 16 million mark in June, and is estimated to be at anywhere between 18 - 19 million in sales by now. 

Nintendo's hybrid system has made headlines in recent months for being the top-selling system and shifting more retail and digital sales than other platforms. It's also been doing particularly well in Japan, with games like Octopath Traveler selling out time and time again.