Smartphone Ring Joy-Con

If you're a fan of smartphone gadgets and accessories - perhaps to enhance your Pokémon GO trips - you may well be aware of phone rings. By plonking one of these little rings on the back of your device, you can help to keep it secure in your hand at all times, and now Japan is getting a double set designed to be the perfect size for your Joy-Con.

The 'Joy-Con Ring Holder' works in exactly the same way as the smartphone versions of the accessory, with one ring per Joy-Con being used for extra security. You simply attach the rings to the back of your Joy-Con, slide a finger through the metallic ring protruding from the controller, and you're good to go.

As you can see at the bottom of the image below, the rings can also be locked into an upright position, working as a neat way to prop up your Switch for any tabletop gaming sessions. Of course, you'll need a second set of Joy-Con or a Pro Controller to play this way, but it could be a cheap and cheerful way of supporting your device.

Joy Con

Of course, the Joy-Con controllers do already come with wrist straps - and these are less likely to intrude upon your button pressing - so we're not entirely convinced that these are necessary for your motion control gaming. Having them permanently attached to the back of your Joy-Con, ready to be swivelled out for tabletop mode, however, could be a clever little feature.

If you're interested, they're available to pre-order from Amazon Japan for ¥1,188 (approx. £8.40 / $10.70 before shipping) with a release date of 10th October.

We'll leave this one up to you lovely readers to decide in the comments. A genius idea? Or just a pointless accessory? Let us know your thoughts below.

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