Space Mace and Graffiti Games have revealed that upcoming auto-runner Joggernauts will be racing onto Switch this summer, blending the likes of Runbow and Bit. Trip Runner for a chaotic co-op experience.

In Joggernauts, players take turns switching to the lead of a jogging team as they navigate through colour-coded platforming levels, all while avoiding crashing into obstacles. In order to finish the level and collect all the trophies for victory, teams must work together and time their jumps and switches perfectly.

This Switch announcement comes with an extra dollop of good news, as a single-player mode has also been revealed for the game (as seen in the trailer above). Here, one player simultaneously controls two differently coloured characters, and friends can also jump in for two-to-four person co-op play. While jogging, players must match the colour of the lead runner with enemies, obstacles, prizes, and pickups in the level. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of the overall shared number of lives for the team. 

Zachary Johnson, Co-Founder of Space Mace, sums up the single-player mode nicely:

“Single player mode is a bit like patting your head while rubbing your belly because players will need to keep track of jumping and switching for two characters, which is loads of fun and most folks get the hang of it after a couple levels. Your characters jog as a pair of two different colors, one in front of the other. Your right hand controls jumping the front/lead color jogger and switching which color Joggernaut is in front, while your left hand controls jumping the back/rear color jogger.”

If you're interested, make sure to keep an eye out for this one over the next couple of months, and let us know your initial impressions with a comment below.