Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed at this year’s E3 as a completely new entry in the popular fighting series. As previously confirmed, it sees the return of every character in the history of Smash Bros. That’s potentially the biggest roster in a video game, ever. When Nintendo recently announced a Smash Direct would be taking place, questions were raised as to why such an event was being held.

Now, though, the rumours are once again flying. Just hours before the next big Direct, a medley for the game - originally posted last week - has received a name change and has then been reverted back to its original title. Briefly replacing the "Galaga Medley" was a new title "Bloody Tears / Monster Dance". These two tunes are from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, which has led to speculation Simon Belmont will be added to the latest Smash entry as a playable fighter.

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