Waluigi Time

The Director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Masahiro Sakurai said during the latest broadcast the team intended to reveal the design of every fighter before the game launched on the Switch later this year, with a few more to announcements to come. He also noted the addition of two highly requested fighters - in Echo form - during the Direct.

Of course, lines such as these, coupled with the fact there were coloured chairs in the background of the latest Direct has once again led to wild speculation. According to Polygon, Nintendo is toying with us all, by placing “purple and yellow” chairs behind Sakurai during the latest Smash broadcast. 


Apparently, these two coloured chairs are a sign Waluigi will be a playable character in the game, despite the fact he’s already an Assist Trophy. Could there perhaps still be hope for him as a playable fighter? Else, are these leftover props from Wario’s recent marketing campaign - or even just two regular office chairs? 

What do you think? Is this a sign, or is this too far? Are these chairs even purple and yellow? Tell us if you think Waluigi will ever become a playable fighter in the Smash series in the comments below.

[source polygon.com]