The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit is due out on 14th September for the price of $69.99. Each kit will come packaged with all the necessary parts and materials along with a copy of the new software. With details about the game itself still relatively scarce, Kotaku's recent hands-on in a New York hotel meeting room has revealed some interesting new information about the title. 

The scale of the game's world is comparable to the size of Wii Sports Resort, with the game filled with 10 hexagonal zones which are all themed. Some of the ones mentioned include a city, meadow and desert zone. 

Each vehicle will feature supplemental abilities - with the submarine able to fire torpedoes, the plane shooting missiles and the car believed to "throw" bombs. The car's features don't end there. It can also cut down trees with a gigantic buzzsaw (as displayed in the original trailer above). 

There are many objectives littered around the game world, according to Kotaku's Stephen Totilo:

The objectives I encountered were basic, involving things like sailing my submarine into an underwater flag or finding and carrying lost cows back to a holding pen. A more challenging one that I noticed while flying over the mode’s city zone seemed to involve having to fly over the top of a skyscraper, turn into the car, and parachute my vehicle onto that skyscraper’s roof.

The main character in the game is a flattened test dummy, and Nintendo estimates the steering wheel in the kit can take between one to two hours to assemble. Hopefully, more information about the kit is revealed prior to its release in September. 

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