Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers, a colourful, top-down, racing party game from Unties, will race its way onto the Nintendo Switch on 30th August.

Players will be able to grab a friend - or seven - and race around any of the game's 15 different tracks. These eight-player races can take place either online or locally, with a control scheme which aims to offer an easy, but addictive, feel to its play, hoping to get players of all skill levels involved. You can also play alone if preferred, with AI characters and a practice mode available.

The race for the top spot on the podium doesn’t always take place on the track, however, as the game also features four competitive battle modes which will test your driving skills in more creative ways. 'Coins' mode has you whizzing around an arena to pick up the most gold; 'Smash' tasks you with crushing the greatest number of boxes; 'Paint' has a Splatoon-style colour-coverage mechanic to master; and 'Goal' looks like a top-down version of Rocket League.

John Davis, G&R Representative at Unties, has said the following:

“Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers makes you feel like a little kid all over again. From the moment you hit start, it just has that playful wonder to it that takes you back to scooting race cars across the carpet as a kid. This time, though, it’s gathered around the TV with friends.”

The game will be available on 30th August for $9.99.

Are you a fan of top-down racers? Will you be putting this one through its paces? Share your thoughts below.