Update: It has now been confirmed that the game will be the 'Touch' edition.

Original Story: It has been revealed that Football Manager 2019 will be making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Yes, the ultimate football simulator is coming back to Switch for another year, following in the footsteps of last year's Football Manager Touch 2018. It's currently unclear whether or not this year's game will also be a 'Touch' edition on Switch - a slightly scaled down version reserved for smartphones, tablets and the like - but it's great news for footie fans nonetheless.

As you can see, more details are expected to follow so we'll learn a little more about the game then. In our review of the 2018 Switch game (snippet included below), we praised the core aspects of the game greatly, but felt that the port was a bit of an afterthought that was never really optimised for the console. This time around, however, we'd hope that Sports Interactive will have had more time to work on the Switch build, hopefully alleviating these issues.

"Football Manager Touch 2018 is a mostly feature-complete version of the best football management game in the business. For Switch-owning football fanatics, it's perilously close to a must-buy. Yet this is also a deeply imperfect and ill-fitting port that seems to have been crowbarred into Nintendo's platform."

Other versions of the game will be hitting stores on 2nd November, whereas it appears that the Switch version will come a little later at the end of the month.

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