Drastic Games, a studio formed by alumni of Epic Games, has announced Soundfall for Nintendo Switch, a music-driven action adventure arriving in 2019.

Mixing twin-stick shooting and rhythm-based gameplay, Soundfall follows the journey of Melody, a young audiophile who finds herself transported to the world of Symphonia. In search of a way home from this mysterious land where music comes to life, she becomes entangled in a conflict to save the realm from Discord, an unfathomable darkness that threatens everything - definitely not the voice chat app.

The game's levels, enemies, loot, and more are procedurally-generated and dynamically react to a range of musical elements (as you can see in the trailer above). In-game battles synchronise to the constant beat, rewarding players who dash and slash in time to the music with impressive dance-like combos. If you enjoy the satisfaction of performing manoeuvres to a rhythm, this one could definitely be for you.

Players will be able to search for gear and upgrades, one-of-a-kind weapons, and legendary artefacts with audio-driven powers. A diverse roster of playable characters is also featured, each with their own distinct playstyle and musical palettes, with couch co-op for up to four friends and online play available to those who want to work together. Nick Cooper, technical director at Drastic Games, has said the following:

“Syncing literally everything in the game to music has been an awesome technical challenge, but it’s been a tremendously rewarding process, and we’re excited to finally share Soundfall with players.”

 Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know your early thoughts on Soundfall. Does this look like something you'd enjoy?