Doom Blade

Based on the extended trailer shown at this year’s QuakeCon, DOOM Eternal looks to be the most intense entry in the series so far. In an interview with Gamereactor, the creative director Hugo Martin said this was primarily because the team had worked on making the game's hero faster and more powerful than ever before:

He's got a shoulder-mounted equipment launcher, which is pretty awesome. I mean, the main goal is to make him faster and more powerful, right, and so now when you shoot out equipment like grenades - and you saw the flamethrower - you don't have to take your hands off the guns; you can do it at the same time.

The game director Marty Stratton also noted how a dash move had replaced the crouch ability to enhance the flow of the game:

[This] completely changes the feel of the game for the better. It gives you an opportunity to dash in for a glory kill, cover larger spaces. You combine that with the meat hook, the new demon grapple hook off the super shotgun: adds a whole new level of improv capability to Doom combat.

The blade shown at the end of the trailer was also discussed - with the creators revealing it would allow players to take out more enemies and move about areas a lot quicker.

Does the idea of a faster DOOM game appeal to you? Did you like the overall tempo of the extended trailer? Tell us below.