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Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Bandai Namco has shown ongoing support for the system with an array of releases. This week the company hosted a financial call for its first quarter, with a Twitter post by Wall Street tech reporter, Takashi Mochizuki,‏ revealing just how happy the company was with its current performance on the Switch.

Long story short, Bandai Namco wants even more games on the Switch but reiterated this requires a different approach due to the unique nature of the platform when compared to developing games for traditional console hardware. Despite this, the company still has a strong belief the Switch ignites play because of its design.

The latest game Bandai Namco has been building hype for is Dragon Ball FighterZ, with the beta on Switch this week. How do you feel about the company's efforts so far? What games would you like to see it release? Tell us below.

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