If you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of the shmup genre, Azure Reflections may be a title worth checking out when it arrives on the Switch later this month. Due out on 30th August and priced at $24.99, the title will be available at a 30 percent discount from the day it is released until 12th September.  

Just like any good shmup, the game requires the player to shoot everything in sight. Here's the full description: 

Annihilate enemies and dominate levels using upgradable skills. Choose from three playable characters, each with her own special ability: hard-hitting spell cards, life-saving barriers or a devastating body slam.Azure Reflections takes the familiar perspective of traditional Touhou Project shooters and turns it on its side for intense horizontal shoot-em-up action. 

Azure Reflections has multiple endings, but the sole path to the best ending is excellence. Only by mastering each girl’s skill set and defeating the bosses within the time limits leads to a conclusion to their tale. 

Functionality meets fashion with accessories that add auto-fire, increase drop rates, reduce stun time and much more. Collect tokens to purchase cat ears, glasses, wings and other fun customizations for the girls’ looks and outfit them for battle. Mow down swathes of enemies in style to take over the online leaderboards. 

Enter the troubled, cute and colorful world of Gensokyo. Originally created by one-man studio Team Shanghai Alice, the setting, sealed off from our world by a magical barrier, is the thread from which all Touhou Project games are woven. This Touhou Project fan game brings the humans and supernatural denizens of Gensokyo together to investigate the evil flowing from Scarlet Devil Manor. Can they protect their home from delightfully cruel bosses in this whimsical journey?

The side-scrolling release is a partnership between the Sony publishing label, Unties Games, and the developer, Sourvenir Circ. John Davis, G&R Representative of Unties Games made the following statement: 

The Touhou Project has 20 years of history to build on, and Souvenir Circ. has taken advantage of that to create a new adventure in the rich setting of Gensokyo. The Souvenir Circ. team has drawn on their years of experience to put together a fresh take on the setting and genre with great customization to help players adapt the characters to their playstyle in pursuit of the highest scores.

Take a look at the launch trailer for Switch above, and tell us in the comments if you would be interested in this.