CIRCLE Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing WMY Studio's WILL: A Wonderful World to Nintendo Switch, targeting a 2018 release.

WILL: A Wonderful World is a story-driven puzzle game featuring a unique mechanic that has you influencing the game's tale through viewing and altering letters. As a ‘god’ you can influence many intriguing characters, with narrative threads often crossing over in smart and surprising ways. It’s also said to be a mature story, blending humour and charm with some challenging and hard-hitting themes.

The game launched on Steam last summer and has received a very warm welcome indeed amongst players, generating "overwhelmingly positive" reviews from those who have bought it. With the power to change the fate of humankind, players must dive deep into the story and learn about those that seek out your help, remembering that changing someone’s fate will also have an effect on others. You can check out the game's features in this handy list below:

- Receive letters from people seeking help. Investigate their situations and alter their fate.
- The stories of the characters are gradually revealed to you in the letters they wrote. From these letters you will learn about their lives and help solve their problems.
- Use your powers to change the events that happen and watch as the story takes on a new course! Be cautious, however, of the consequences.
- Be sure to consider all details before making decisions; the fates of the characters depend on this. Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, thinking outside the box could uncover beautiful hidden gems. Be bold, be brave, and create the best memories together with our heroes!
- Each decision opens up the story and may even impact the stories of others.
- Progress through the game and also learn more about the two gods, the mysterious girl and her companion.

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