Stardew Valley's extremely highly anticipated multiplayer update has finally secured a release date on PC after months of public beta testing.

The update will arrive in complete form for PC users on 1st August, as seen in the trailer above, and is still "coming soon" for Switch and other platforms. The fact that the update has been finalised for PC is great news, though, and should hopefully mean that the Switch version is one step closer to a full release, too.

In case you need reminding, the multiplayer update adds support for up to three friends to play alongside you on your farm. Each player can have their own little cabin to hang out in, and your friends will be able to join you in pretty much everything you can usually do on your own. In a lovely touch, your characters can even get married by crafting a wedding ring - perfect for couples who will be playing the game together.

We know that pretty much everyone and their cat loves Stardew Valley, but let us know if you're looking forward to playing multiplayer farming greatness on your Switch with a comment below.