Sonic Mania Plus was released into the world yesterday, giving players yet another chance to bask in the nostalgia of the blue hedgehog's old-school style. If you've managed to grab yourself a copy of the game, you might have noticed a secret code that reveals a lovely message for eagle-eyed fans.

The game comes with a gorgeous little art book, featuring concept and final artwork from the game itself, but if you look closely at the top of the back cover you'll find a morse code message. It's hard to see as it's so faint, but it is there, we promise!

20180718_110035 Cropped.jpg

As it turns out, the code reads "Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts". It's a nice little message that suits the Sonic Mania vibe, but will also no doubt bring a smile to the face of players who discover its meaning.

Image: GoNintendo

If you've got your own copy sitting at home, make sure to give this a check if you hadn't noticed it before!