We've seen plenty of unofficial decals and skins for the Switch since its release last year, including a set of bright and bold colours for your Joy-Con amongst others, but we never thought we'd see something quite like this.

Introducing the 'Toastendo'. The design features a skin for all elements of your Switch console, including a toaster for the dock, a toasted bread theme for the edge of the tablet portion of the console, and skins for the Joy-Con and Joy-Con grip that let you feel like your playing with an actual piece of toast. We're not sure why anyone would want this, but at the same time, we really want this.


It won't set you back too much dough either; the complete set is available here for $19.99 if you wanted to grab one for yourself. If toast isn't your thing, there are also several more sensible designs including a NES theme, a neon red and blue pattern, and several fantastical pieces of artwork.

Will you baguette-ing one of these? Might you be butter off saving your money for something else? Make sure to let us know in the comments - we'll stop loafing around and leave the hot cross puns for another day.

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