PQube has announced that STAY, an award-winning, pixel-art escape adventure, will be arriving on Nintendo Switch "this summer".

The game, which launched on Xbox One and PC this spring, follows the path of Quinn - a therapist who wakes up alone in a strange, locked room with nothing but a computer hooked up to an internet chat room for company. Luckily for him, though, you're also in this chat room, and it's up to you to try and help Quinn escape, making suggestions in real time that will either guide him to safety, or closer to his ultimate end.

STAY has been nominated for various awards during its relatively short life, picking up the gong for ‘Best Original Idea’ at Gamelab Barcelona this year, but players on Steam have left mixed-to-positive reviews and several critics have noted that the game's premise feels more exciting than the gameplay itself. It certainly seems intriguing, though, and could well be one to look out for. Here's the official feature list if you're interested:

- Real-time play - the clock never stops
: STAY plays out in real-time, meaning that every minute spent away from the game is a minute Quinn is left alone. Drop out of conversations or leave Quinn to fend for himself for too long and there may be consequences to your actions.
- Raise your empathy: Quinn is on edge, and every response matters. Prove yourself a compassionate ally and he’ll learn to trust you and share both his findings and deepest thoughts. Fail, and his emotions may work against you.
- Interactive storytelling: Featuring 24 chapters, seven different endings, dozens of life-altering choices and entire webs of conversation, STAY is designed to be replayed multiple times. Explore myriad rooms and unearth hidden secrets in subsequent playthroughs to piece together the full story.
- Uncover the truth: Webcams around the environment and on the computer enable you to watch and analyse Quinn’s reactions, mental state and actions while he is Away From Keyboard. Pick up on his lies, use that knowledge to your advantage and uncover the truth at the heart of STAY.
- Solve mind-bending puzzles: Help Quinn get the better of the conundrums he encounters inside his prison by taking direct control of his actions during numerous puzzle sections.

Do you like the sound of this one? Have you played the game already on other platforms? Let us know your thoughts below.