Go All Out! is a 3D platform fighter which is aiming to change the genre up a little - and it's about to arrive on Nintendo Switch.

The game, which is coming out of Steam Early Access next month to make way for a full release on both Steam and Switch, is clearly heavily influenced by titles such as Super Smash Bros., but hopes to keep its own identity through various changes. Firstly, instead of a focus on smashing players off the screen to win, each fighter has their own health bar which must be fully depleted, acting in a similar way to many 2D fighters like Street Fighter or Tekken.

There are several fighting mechanics in place such as dashes, dodges, combo breakers that will help you in tight situations, power bars that can be ‘over-filled’ with power, and a 'finishers' system that aims to play out like Mortal Kombat’s 'Fatalities'. There are also exchangeable special skills, combo systems, items, and more, and one interesting little quirk allows you to pick any two playable stages and place them inside a cross-stage system, making them regularly change throughout your battle.

The game has its own cast of original characters, but is also aiming to get several guest characters from the indie, AAA, and comic worlds. No release date has been set just yet but it might not be too far away considering the Steam Early Access is about to end.

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