Fighting games aren't always the most accessible. Thankfully, the team behind the upcoming Switch release, Dragon Ball FighterZ, is making an active effort to buck this trend. 

During an interview with Eurogamer, the producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tomoko Hiroki, spoke about how this particular fighter appeals to a wider audience by incorporating easy-to-understand terminology and making each fight more about mind games rather than performing complicated combos:

We thought that, rather than make the controls more and more difficult, we wanted to focus more on mind games, making each of the characters quite different. Another thing I realised only after the game was released is that when this game is being played for esports, the fact we were able to use easier to understand words for the specific mechanics we have for the game - so, for example, the Z Change, the Super Dash - this wasn't our main objective, but the fact we were able to use rather easy to understand words was something that worked to lower the hurdles for the casual fans.

In the same interview, the director of the game at Arc System Works, Junya Motomura, explained how the goal from the beginning was to appeal to all types of players, with the development team conscious of the divided userbase: 

We started out with a clear goal that we had to satisfy both the casual players and the competitive players. We had that idea from the start. Since this was a new franchise, we were able to build from the ground up without pulling anything from a series fighting game. So we were able to build from the ground up to balance the system without having to think about how we were going to satisfy the old players. That was a good positive we were working to.

Arc System Works has recently been very conscious about this problem, of the divided userbase. We were constantly trying to find a way to satisfy both of the user types. It was a result of a very long term consideration of how to achieve this playstyle.

Knowing this now, would you be willing to give Dragon Ball FighterZ a chance if you were previously hesitant? Was this already a day one purchase for you? Do you think fighting games should aim to appeal to a wider audience? Tell us below.  

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