Indie game studio Lapovich has announced that State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem will launch on Nintendo Switch on 1st August.

The game is a light-hearted shooter that aims to put a smile on your face as you play. Your town is on fire, anarchy reigns the streets, and aliens are going crazy in the sky - it's up to you to grab a gun and join the mayhem.

We love the artistic direction seen in the trailer above, and Steam users have shared "very positive" reviews for the game so far, so this one could well be a nice way to pass the time. If you're interested, here's a list of features to check out:

- Intense run and gun action
- Hilarious doodle graphics and mouth made sound effects
- 60+ weapons. New gun on every level!
- 100+ enemies and bosses
- 3 cars and 6 spaceships
- Talents and weapon upgrades
- 48 stages
- Awesome rock music

As mentioned above, the game is set to land on Switch on 1st August. No pricing has been revealed just yet, but we're hopeful that it won't be too much higher than its usual Steam price of £2.89. We'll make sure to keep an eye out on this one when it arrives.

What do you think? Is this one for your wishlist? Let us know your initial impressions below.