An eShop listing has revealed that Forever Entertainment's NoReload Heroes is making its way to the Nintendo Switch this week.

Developed by Stupid Stupid Games, NoReload Heroes is a chaotic co-op party shooter that has you fighting your way through randomly generated rooms filled with various types of enemies. As a team (either through local co-op or online matchmaking), you'll be picking up 'magitech' guns along the way, shooting stuff up to your heart's content.

The game is designed to be simple, but intense, with players of all abilities able to join in the fun. The whole game works around the idea of only using a couple of buttons and there's never any need to reload. In fact, no matter how many times someone dies, they can always be revived as long as at least one team member stays alive. 

Featuring randomly generated levels, 70+ unique weapons, 43 enemy types, and three bosses, NoReload Heroes aims to give you a different gameplay experience every time. The game has received mostly positive reviews on Steam so far (it only launched on the platform this April) so we're feeling optimistic about this one.

The game is scheduled to launch on 19th July for $9.99.

Will you be considering a purchase on this one when it arrives later this week?