Splatoon 2 cards

In today's episode of 'Japan gets all the cool stuff and we're incredibly jealous', we present to you this new set of Splatoon 2 trading cards that are set to launch next month.

The cards feature beautiful, standalone pieces of artwork on one side, with written chunks of information on the reverse, and even come with edible wafers inside each pack so that you can get addicted to them in more ways than one. There appears to be 25 to collect in total, and packs come with a completely randomised set of cards inside so we imagine buyers are expected to trade with their friends.

A 20-pack of cards is currently available from Amazon Japan, which offers international shipping depending on your location, for ¥2,502 (approximately £17.14 / $22.50 before delivery).

Would you like a complete set of these? Shall we all just move to Japan already? Let us know below.

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[source nintendosoup.com]