With the Switch being the delightfully portable beast that it is, storage and transport solutions are of utmost importance to owners. Luckily, this game case should be more than enough to carry all of your favourite Switch games in one handy box.

Released by UniKeep, this cartridge game case features a Switch-inspired front cover, is slim enough to slot into your bag with ease, and amazingly has enough space for 28 game cartridges and 10 microSD cards. Your games and SD cards are held in securely with a high quality foam, and the case snaps shut with a small latch to keep it closed.


The case is currently available from the North American Amazon store here for $12.99 (just under £10), although shipping to Europe is only an extra $4.85 (£3.70).

Do you have any useful storage solution tips for your Switch and games? Make sure to share them with the community in the comments below.

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